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What is Beyond Music City?

Hello!!! Since we are new here on the great big internet, we thought we'd take a moment to introduce ourselves and let you know what Beyond Music City is all about...Meet Jason and Rachel Harper. We are a husband and wife real estate team specializing in helping outsiders relocate to Nashville and the surrounding areas. While we are originally from San Diego, California, we discovered the beauty of Tennessee back in 2020. While we realized very quickly that Nashville would become our second home, we also knew many other Californians were also considering making a move.

As we began working to assist people in their move, we found that picking the right neighborhood was a challenge for someone who doesn't know much more than where all the great tourist spots were located. We wanted to figure out a way to make it easier for outsiders to navigate all Middle Tennessee neighborhoods. This was the birth of BMC (Beyond Music City).

Are we new to Nashville? Yes. At first, we thought this would be a drawback for some. Why would anyone want to buy a home in Tennessee with an agent that was born and raised in California? turns out that being from California is one of our most significant assets for our buyers. We know California, and now we know Tennessee. Our California transplants feel really comfortable with someone who understands what they like about California, so we can help guide them to an area in Tennessee. We've also had a ton of fun discovering new neighborhoods and local hangouts right alongside our buyers. We work on moving beyond the music and strive to show you what else makes Nashville and the surrounding area such a fantastic place to live!


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