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Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Mount Juliet, TN was formed and settled in 1835 and incorporated in 1972. Its name is derived from a manor house, Mount Juliet Estate, in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Given its close proximity to Downtown Nashville (just 15 miles) and its top-rated schools, it's no wonder Mount Juliet has become one of America's fastest-growing cities. Mount Juliet is conveniently located between Percy Priest (to the south) and Old Hickory lakes (to the north). This fact has given its nickname, "The city between two lakes." So if water sports, boating, or fishing is one of your favorite pastimes, Mount Juliet might be the perfect fit for you!

Mount Juliet has one of the lowest tax rates in Tennessee; Pair that with a median household income of over $91,000 (above the national average), Mount Juliet has become a lucrative place to live and work. With it's location near Downtown Nashville providing plenty of jobs, rapidly rising employment rates, and an Amazon distribution center, Mt. Juliet is an excellent place to work and start a career.

Mount Juliet is also home to quality schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The schools in Mount Juliet rank as some of the highest in the Nashville area. The schools in this area fall under the Wilson County School District.

These are just a few facts that have placed Mount Juliet at #14 out of 101 for Best suburbs to buy a house in Tennessee. Living in Mount Juliet is one of the most desirable places in Tennessee. Whether you are a young professional or have a family, Mount Juliet is definitely a town you should add to your list of places to consider when looking for a place to live near Nashville, Tn.

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