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What to Expect From the Nashville Weather: A Newby Guide

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

If you are moving to Nashville from out of the area, you will want to get familiar with the weather. Nashville offers a full range of seasonal entertainment - from frosty winter fun to balmy summer days. Nashville is known for its unpredictable weather. Nashville falls in the humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons that can change very quickly.


Winter in this area is never dull! You can expect mild days with temperatures hitting the 60s and 70s, but be sure to bundle up on those cold winter mornings when temps drop into the teens or 20's. And while it might not snow often, December will surely make you break out your umbrella as 5 inches of rain are guaranteed that month - making it a bit wetter than northern regions. However, don't fret too much; although wet outside, there'll still be more sun shining here than anywhere else during these chilly months! Heat up your heart with a hot cup of cocoa in those cooler days when temperatures drop into the chilly 40s and precipitation levels reach new heights! Or brave one (rare) snowstorm for some classic wintry adventure.


Spring is undoubtedly a season of surprises - one day, the temperature might be just right for a picnic, and then suddenly, you're running indoors to dodge hail! But when things are calm, it's usually pretty pleasant. March can get wild, with cold fronts crashing down on us one minute and scorching heat waves firing up our way the next. Rainfall-wise, Spring isn't playing around either; if what falls from the sky don't melt your ice cream cones fast enough, we've also got some high winds that'll take care of that real quick! All in all, an exciting yet sometimes unpredictable transition into warmer days ahead...better stay prepared for anything this Spring, folks!


Summer in the South can be a real scorcher - but with some sizzling temperatures and sticky dew points come plenty of sunshine, brief afternoon thunderstorms, and beautiful lush greenery. Just don't expect too much rain! August is one of the driest months out there, so it's no surprise if a drought sets in now and then. And let's not forget about those pesky bugs that always find their way around – they just like to make sure you remember how hot (and human) you still are even when this summer heat has got ya feelin' like an oven mitt on full blast!


Nashville during the fall? Enjoy temperatures so mild and crisp you'll be doing a happy dance, along with lots of sunny days that will have all your outdoor plans running smoothly. And if it gets too hot early on or chilly late season, don't worry - we've still got plenty of sweet temps hovering around those 60s-70s range to enjoy. October's super dry with 2.84 inches of rainfall, but just when November rolls by, things start getting real wet (and wild)!


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